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High quality services for a good sanitation.

For the customers that purchase our treatment plants, water or sewage, we provide services that make your day by day easier. Check some of our services below:

Treatment Plant Operation

We rely on field expert chemists and system operators that can provide you a treatment plant operation and management service eliminating your concern with settings, supplies and system operation.

Preventive Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is relevant to assure water treatment quality. We provide preventive maintenance regular agreement according to the customer´s need, whether monthly, by-weekly or weekly.

Treatability Test/Solution Survey

We provide Jar Test assessments, with the purpose of identifying the best solution to your wastewater, in order to comply with the environmental standards in force. This test provides the wastewater pre-assessment before our equipment, providing safety to the investment to be performed. It is possible to estimate the treatment cost, often enabling an up to 90% reduction, concerning current water costs.


For a good treatment plant use, personnel specialized in such equipment operation is required. We train and update your company professionals that will operate the treatment plants purchased, so that you have high quality results.

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