The best solution
in environmental sanitation.

We are engaged into engineering, manufacturing, assembling and marketing equipment, systems, inputs and services for water treatment and sewage.

Our focus is providing technologies and environmental solutions with transparence, integrity and credibility. Our target is becoming the largest water and sewage treatment company in Brazil.

We rely on highly qualified personnel with broad experience in environmental field. Our technical personnel have more than 40-year experience in the market and are constantly searching for technological updates and the best solutions, complying with Brazil´s laws and standards in force.

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A Melhor Solução em Saneamento Ambiental


We work with water waste reduction by means of reuse solutions development, and also by means of environmental education.

Our plant is located in the state of São Paulo, we meet demands all over the country and we export equipment to African, South American and Central American countries.


  • Expert and trained technical assistance;
  • Self-owned laboratory for assessments and testing;
  • Solutions in compliance with environmental standards in force;
  • Thousands of units established in Brazil and overseas;
  • Own manufacturing;
  • Proven quality by demanding customers and ratified by Petrobras Distribuidora S.A, Rede Accor, Raízen and Vale.

This is Our History


Collaborating with world sanitation and health, by means of adequate water and sewage treatment solutions, always focused on the customers´ needs, in operation quality, in laws and standards in force.
Collaborating with water waste reduction by means of reuse solutions developed and also by means of environmental education.
Providing to collaborators and partners a promising, pleasant, safe work environment that generates personal and professional growth opportunities by means of commitment, respect and motivation.


Being a healthy, profitable and centennial company, becoming water and sewage treatment reference.


  • • Attitude and resilience to execute changes;
  • • Skill and agility to develop suitable solutions to each case;
  • • Supplied product and service reliability;
  • • Social liability;
  • • Ethics and honesty in all relations;
  • • Human capital respect and valuing;